Welcome! The following forms of content are available on LuxArticles:

✔ Creative writing (for magazines/writers outsourcing work)

✔ Review content for Amazon/e-commerce

✔ Personal blog content

✔ Landing pages (no extra charge)

✔ Website pages (ex: F.A.Q., Welcome, Service Descriptions, etc)

✔ Regular articles (Ex: “10 reasons why your SEO sucks”)

✔ Books/PDF reports (Fully organized, including ‘Table of Contents’ at no extra charge)

✔ Ads

✔ E-mail series for product launches/autoresponders

✔ Sales letters (short 500-1000 word sales letters available too)

✔ Press releases (company public service announcements, etc)

✔ Rewrites (100% uniqueness guaranteed)


NOTE: The aforementioned are ALL available at the standard rate of $0.03/w. There is no extra charge for landing pages and/or press releases.

Why Hire Mark:

✔ Native English speaker

✔ 6+ years experience

✔ Large volume orders available (50k+ words)

✔ Prompt delivery (within 1-3 days)

Can Your Writer Handle Complex Subjects?

What if you task your writer with writing a landing page for a logistics company or a creative essay for Forbes where he has to explain how waking up early in the morning corresponds to productivity?

The answer: He would crumble and I would provide the best content of your life. ORDER NOW.